Hello to the BODYSUITS  trend that’s not going anywhere! That’s right, the bodysuit has transformed into a staple item in our wardrobes because you can wear them all-year round. There are long sleeve, short sleeve, backless, sheer, turtleneck ones and more, proving that BODYSUITS are way more versatile than you think. So whether you wanna dress it up with a pantsuit and high heels or get cozy in joggers and slippers (that’s prob more likely, tbh), we can guarantee there’s a style out there for you.

Also, if you’re the type of person that wants to avoid tucking and re-tucking your shirt in every five seconds, bodysuit totally solve that annoying problem. Sure, when you need to go to the bathroom they may create another problem, but hey! Even celebrities wear them, so that says something.

We all have our favourite looks, from sporty to chic, to show you all the different ways you can incorporate them into an outfit. Honestly, if it’s one thing that’s been keeping me inspired in these four walls, it’s putting on a top notch bodysuit look every once in a while. And while we’re continuing to show our top halves only in the countless Zoom meetings, we may as well add a little extra pizazz with these ensembles.

Any excuse to wear lace, and I’m sold. Dress down the statement piece with light acid wash jeans and some black heels. Throw on a cozy V-neck sweater during colder days, sexy shorts for warmer days.

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