Enter the life changing world of matching sets (also known as CO-ORD SETS or two piece set or fashion’s best invention…whatever you want to call them). They are literally separates made to be worn together, which means your outfit is automatically picked out for you with minimal brain power involved. All you have to do is choose your shoes, sling a bag over your shoulders, and voilà! You’ll look so polished and not at all like you took 30 seconds to throw on an outfit.

But not only are they great for catching up on some sleep, they’re also seriously budget friendly, considering that you get three outfits for the price of one. Yes, you can wear them together, but you can also opt to just to wear the top or wear only the bottoms with other pieces. I mean, it’s really genius.

Break down ALL the possibilities of CO-ORD SETS, so you can get in on this kinda sorta hack for looking fabulous in no time flat.

If you’re going to wear CO-ORD SETS, you might as well get started with a statement look, such as this cute black and white gingham top-and-pants with a paper-bag waist. The bold pattern on pattern style is definitely eye-catching, but the fact that you can wear them separately too. Mixing and matching prints for an equally standout situation is even better. I paired this outfit with cherry earrings and a cherry beaded bag (so even the accessories went with each other!)


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