Is there anything better than the perfect cocktail dress? The right party dress should be designed to make a statement. We have a curated selection of awesome EVENING AND PARTY DRESSES, evening out dresses and party dresses for every season and occasion.

Let’s face it: EVENING AND PARTY DRESSES ain’t cheap. And even though you could wear that one you already have in your closet, a special occasion usually means seeing a bunch of people who you want to wow with your amazing style.

Hence, the inevitability of splurging on a fabulous dress  you can’t afford rather than buying those closet staples you really need and will wear a million times. And given all the occasions for toasting during the holidays, the dress you choose will make all the difference for how you enter the party.  And since that just might be at your next special occasion for all the reasons outlined above, why give it all you’ve got and get an item that’s stylish and able to be worn more than one time.

Instead of allowing it to languish in your closet taunting you for spending a fortune on something you only wore once, why not break it out for a somewhat less special and far more mundane occasion called work and wear it on the reg.

The upside is you’ll be getting your money’s worth, and no matter what work throws your way, it’s hard not to be in a good mood when you’re rocking a fabulous dress.

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