Our closet can easily be separated into three different categories, statement making pieces, such as a puff sleeves or neon pants, and JACKETS staples. It’s items such as tops and jeans that balance out our outfits, coming in handy nearly every time we get dressed. However, it’s possible that there’s nothing as versatile or easy to wear as a good ol’ blazer.

In fact, it’s hard to think of an outfit that wouldn’t work with a sleek, structured JACKETS, can benefit from a splash of color provided by a printed option. A blazer can easily elevate a pair of leggings, but at the same time, seamlessly layer over a gown at a fancy event.

Given that you likely already own one of these babies (or five), there are many JACKETS that have head turning styles to catch the eye.

One of the best JACKETS tricks out there is using this layer to amp up any outfit  even everyday jeans and T shirts. Try a pastel option, which will be more eye catching and unexpected than neutral colors. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you need to leave this layering staple at home. JACKETS double as the perfect light jacket to shrug on when things cool off at night. The same idea as a suit just with your own items. If you’re looking to dress things up, try a midi skirt or a pair of hot pants instead.

Or if your outfit feels incomplete. Blazers can provide that little something extra.


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