A woman’s skirt is a powerful tool to make into any outfit you might like. Skirts are a necessary wardrobe staple for every woman. There are different designs and types of SKIRTS that can be combined and stylized in different ways to get different looks for different occasions. The key to always look amazing is to pick up flattering skirts to your body type and using accessories & jewellery wisely.

When choosing the right skirt we should pay attention first to what type of body we have. Body silhouettes are different and that is why when choosing a skirt we should consider what types of skirts are suitable to our particular body type, for the simple fact that we are all different in shape.  They are usually short and flare as they go down.

Full circles are most compatible with fitted tops, which will balance the look and avoid the risk of creating the illusion of a wide body.

They are similar to their flared counterparts and come in different sizes but they are usually knee length. Their waistline is straight and the hemline widens a bit as it goes down. They are perfect for a night out with friends and give us a stylish look. This type is suitable for any body.

Maxi skirts for women are long and usually have a low waistline.  They are a must-have summer staple. They end up past the shins and give us a sleek elegant look. Maxi lengths look amazing on tall women.

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