Our year has been so packed with pants on the bottom Zoom calls, we can barely remember what it was like to frantically pull together full outfits each morning. So, it goes without saying that our TROUSERS & LEGGINGS aka all those ‘professional’ pants and trousers, have fallen out of our go to rotation, migrating to the back of our closet and becoming easy to forget.

However, these babies are far from having an early retirement, at least if models, actresses, and influencers have any say. They’ve basically become the new jeans in the fashion world, versatile enough to be worn with everything from hoodies to cut out tops.

Ensure your bottoms are far from stuffy or traditional by spicing them up with a top that features one 2021’s biggest trends: Holes!

Finding the right pair of TROUSERS & LEGGINGS that not only reflects your style, but also look flattering can be challenging for some women. If you’re not sure what style is best. Owner of EVJs Boutique and fashion stylist EvieJ recommends going with pants that have a mid to high rise that falls smoothly over the hips and thighs. “The width of the leg style should be your choice,” she says.

It’s hard to find pants that flatter most figures, TROUSERS & LEGGINGS are available in a range of sizes, and versatile enough for all occasions, but  meet all of these criteria. They’re even available in petite, regular and plus sizes. With the changing of the season comes a new offering.

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